Here are just a few of the things my happy customers are saying.

Jeannette, I just wanted to let you know how lovely the strawberry art rock you made is. It is a very cheery addition to my office and I love the fine details. Your art rock adds a little note of beauty and joy to my space. Thanks

Anita Colussi-Zanon, ON

I admire the detail and care that Jeannette puts into her creations. She really brings the little creatures to life. Now they’ve become a part of home, thanks Jeannette!

David Lee, Seattle USA

What to get someone who needs nothing?  My sister is an avid gardener and home farmer so Jeannette’s outdoor rock veggies were the perfect gift.  My sister had never seen anything like them and was thrilled with the present.

Marilyn Anthony, ON

Cry for the Red White and Blue visually announces and introduces the album beautifully…and gets one prepared for the musical journey within in an ideal and profound way. Jeannette is an inspired, extraordinary animal artist with the kindred spirit of the wild flowing through her aesthetic work.

Ron Rutherford, Author Independent Music Artist, Producer, Rarestar Records LA USA

I cannot say enough about Jeannette’s animal paintings.  She not only is able to have them jump off the wall and into your arms, but I swear you can tell what they are thinking. Jeannette’s own affinity for animals translates into each and every painting.  In her paintings at least one adopts you and demands to be taken home every time.

Betty Hynes, ON

Jeannette perfectly captures the lazy expressiveness of the two dogs [Char Pei’s) resting calmly under a bush…

Charles Fairchild, LA, USA

There is such detail to her work. Only a deep understanding and love for wild animals could produce such amazing work.


A friend sent me a remarkable picture. It is of a young bear enjoying the cool water on a hot day. He lies on his back without a care in the world, lazy and contented. The expression on his face is blissful.

F. Marek

Jeannette has captured the look and emotions of a ‘cat with an attitude’ who if it could talk, would tell you, “He’s all That!”

Paul Shearstone , President, Success 150 Group Inc

Her work is both striking and intriguing – the animals seem to be alive & ‘jump out’ at you.


She is a wonderfully talented artist. I wish, now, that I had gotten a pawtrait of all of the dogs of my life. I recommend Jeannette’s services without reservation.

Brian Dias

When Jeannette brought us the finished portrait of Chloe we were blown away. It was like having her in the room with us. She captured the look in her eyes and, the expression on her face is unbelievable. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the portrait. We would recommend Jeannette to anyone who would like to have their animal captured in art as she was so pleasant to work with and she understood our feelings of love for our little girl.

Harold & Margaret, ON

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work and talent you poured into that drawing!  My husband was so moved when I gave it to him at Christmas, and as you know I started crying!


Her portrait of my cat Pumpkin is a stunning example of her ability to capture an animal’s personality. The sensitivity of how she captured the little pink pads of her feet and the flyaway wisps of her long hair brings my cat back to me daily. She acknowledges and celebrates the spirit and soul of the creatures she depicts, and that is what sets her work head and shoulders above the pretty-picture crowd.

Kathryn Marek

When I first saw the sketch, I was blown away. I still cannot believe how Jeannette captured every detail of Chiquita’s personality on one sheet of paper. This is not a sketch of a Chihuahua, this is a sketch of MY Chiquita. Her curiosity and zest for life are captured to the smallest detail.

Karen Marth CORE Cleaning by Empress, ON, CAN

Jeannette has captured the calm, quiet nature of Kali and the sparkle in her eyes reveals her intelligence. Jeannette is not only a great animal artist; it also doesn’t take long for animals to warm up to her.  Thank you, Jeannette, your artistic skills have given me a treasure.


The customized art work you did allowed for the animals that they (our children) love so much to be included within the design, and for us to keep as a reminders of our own pets on such a treasured item. 


My granddaughters are thrilled with their personalized jewellery boxes. They say they will have them for their lifetime.  We loved your suggestion to add an inscription with our names and date. We have now been immortalized! Your artistry exceeded expectations and made two girls very happy.

Lisa Bell